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Azalea Oakes Kennel and Cattery

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Tipz and Helpful Things

 All your petz info.

How to download petz?
You click on start [at the bottom of your screen] ,click on all programs,  then go to acesscories,  click on Windows Explorer [if you have windows like me] click on My Computer and open the local disk C: 
 Then you hit 'program files', find ubisoft,  click on it and go into studio mythos,  then petz 5,  then go into the 'resource folder' and if the pet is a dogz put it in the dogz folder, if it is a catz put it in the catz folder,
 Ok you've figured out how to open the folder.  Well, how do you get the new animal?  SIMPLE!  If it says the petz game you have, like Petz 5 or Petz 4 [which every one you have] click on that, something should pop up that says save,open and some other things. Click on open,  then hit 'open folder' You then copy the files in the folder.   
 Then paste in one of the resource files, of which ever type of thing you are downloading such as toys playscenes, or animals.
Now, your done!  If you don't understand just email me at
        Sites with great downloads to use!:,  A great site with tons of downloads,  if you want to download a horsez for the horsez show,  you should go to  the breedz page on and click on Nova's Horse Breedz and then download any type of horse or pony.  But, if you want to enter them in a show please use the show pose we have recommened, unless it's in the adorable show!!!
Don't understand? Contact me at

Here you can find out where to download other animals, how to download
and other hints and tricks!!!

Established: July 27, 2007