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We are a site all about Petz 5!  Petz 5 is a computer game where you can play with all kinds of anime animals.  We are very glad to see you visting our site.
We previously had a myspace, but we decided that we needed to move on to "bigger and better things"
Pinecone Cattery really inspired us to begin this wonderful adventure, we would like thank them alot!
Below is a link to their site.
We are very professional and hoping to help you out.
We are new at the website thing so if you see anything that could be done more properly, we are sorry.
Please check out the rest of our site!



Below is one of our friends, who has a Magical Creature site, even though it has nothing to do with Petz 5 we just thought we'd show it to you.  Thanks!

Ali & Terry's site

Aug. 13-We would love to have more adoptions avable for y'all, but we are have some difficulties opening our Petz 5 game. We will have more soon though!
Aug. 5-Only a few more entrys for the Dogz and Catz shows and we will post winners! Send in those Petz today!
Aug. 2-Check out  Also check out our new sister sites page!
Jul. 29-Check out!
  Jul.28-Brand new site just opened today please enter shows!!:)

Check out our other pages for Show Entry Areas, Winners, Photo Galleries, and MORE!!!

Established: July 27, 2007